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Make a difference for Maryland birds and communities!

Help us make Maryland communities healthier for birds and people.

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Bird City Maryland helps build sustainable communities and connect people with nature. The Bird City program brings people together, builds community pride, and makes Maryland communities a nicer place to live for people and for birds.

The Bird City Maryland mission is to encourage all communities in Maryland to implement sound bird-conservation practices by offering public recognition to those that succeed in (a) enhancing the environment for birds and (b) educating the public about the interactions between birds and people and about the contributions birds make to a healthy community.

Our goal is to make communities healthier for birds and for people. Your donation enables us to reach more communities in Maryland and connect more Marylanders with nature through birds.

Our recently fledged Bird Campus program encourages 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities to become more sustainable and also work with nearby underserved communities on issues such as tree equity.

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